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With over 10 years experience involved in many aspects of digital marketing, Visual Alchemy understand the importance of an effective and authentic solution. Working with hundreds of small businesses and large corporations over the years, it is clear that authenticity is the best approach for any brands success.

“So what is digital marketing?” I hear you ask.

“Digital Marketing is the activities used to reach customers online!

Digital marketing is now no longer a seperate sector of any companies growth and visibility plan – it goes hand in hand with all other marketing efforts (or it should) by default.

Digital Marketing solutions include:-

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads’ etc.)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing (EDM)
  • Report automation

Understanding the real world aspects and challenges of business in the digital space has enabled us to develop a unique and effective approach to achieving a clients goals. Bringing together all aspects of a company’s digital assets and joining the dots between the digital space and the real world are a key.

We are passionate about demystifying the digital space as there is so much misinformation, often poorly communicated to individuals and organisations. Many SEO tactics that  some use in the industry are out of date and can potentially harm a clients digital presence by being removed from search results entirely. Visual Alchemy never engages in such activities. 

The digital marketing industry and the tools used have changed greatly over the last ten years, and will only continue to do so into the near and distant future. At Visual Alchemy, we only employ best practice activities as outlined by the search engines and various platforms to ensure a solid footing to build creative solutions on.

We communicate in a clear and concise manner, dropping industry jargon and approaching realistic solutions in language for the real world.

Over the years Simon Phillips has worked with the following brands and many more in various digital marketing capacities.

“No smoke and mirrors – just authentic and effective solutions”

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