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An authentic approach to digital

With over 25 years experience delivering digital solutions for clients both large and small. Simon Phillips, founder of Visual Alchemy has always approached solutions in the digital space with authenticity.

Offering a transparent approach to all digital solutions, Visual Alchemy strives to educate and empower clients along the road to digital success. It is important that we create an effective digital strategy and communicate this clearly to our clients.

“It’s not just about the what, and the how….but the why”

When it comes to website design, no site built by Visual Alchemy “locks our clients out” – assuring that only we can provide updates and changes. We believe in complete transparency and flexibility with a website build. We empower clients to make updates themself. We aim to  educate as the project evolves. All projects having a element of training built in.

We’ll show you how to embed effective digital practices into your every day business operations to help make a different for today and well into the future.

An effective digital solution has many arms. Your digital footprint should continue to evolve. We can help you get started or continue with you building your brand online. Ask us about our ongoing maintenance or digital marketing packages or training workshops.

Digital Marketing, is a deep rabbit hole. Many agencies and individuals offer out of date and potentially harmful solutions….or a “secret recipe” which hide their less than ideal practices behind – Beware!

“An authentic digital marketing solution should be an open book.”

Visual Alchemy will help you understand the best practices and why they are important to growing your business online. We help educate our clients to empower their business to thrive online more quickly, for now and into the future.

Our approach to the best digital solution for your business is simple. It covers the following three main processes. 

Discover – Resolve – Evolve


Let's find the opportunities in your existing digital presence. New to this? Let's discover how we can launch your brand to success in the digital space!


We take each opportunity to improve your digital footprint as a series of goals. We resolve any challenges, through data analytics and creativity.


Visual Alchemy helps with evolving your digital presence to the next level - whether your new to the space or been around for years. Evolve authentically.

Simon Phillips


With over 25 years in design including, Graphic Design, Web Design, Animation, Editing and Effects.


Expert level insights into all digital marketing channels over the last 15 years.


Over 20 years experience with trainings groups, individuals in aspects of online business growth, and select software platforms.

Simon Phillips launched Visual Alchemy in the early 90’s. Initially starting in the world of graphic design, 3D modelling and animation. This soon evolved into web design and then digital marketing (before that was even a thing).

Spending a number of years hands on with the tools then evolved into a number of roles in agencies working closely with teams and brands. Simon’s experience includes creating effective digital solutions for many small businesses and large global companies over the years.

Simon’s expert knowledge and personable approach gained him a number of management roles, running teams and growing businesses.
A move from Brisbane to Melbourne enabled greater exposure to brands and individuals keen to make some noise in the digital space. Working closely with a number of select brands and companies to demystify the confusing world of digital with authentic and measurable results.

Additional teams members

Visual Alchemy’s team extends to a number of expert professionals in the fields of online marketing, graphic design, website design and development, content creators, film production and animation as projects dictate.

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Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

0402 581 103

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